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Aaron Swartz - The Internet's Own Boy

Posted on: 2014-07-07 in Off-Topic

Many of you may have heard the story of Aaron Swartz, a genius who helped shape the internet into what it is today. Someone who fought for an open access to the collective human knowledge, and the inherent right of internet access to all people. He was “made an example of” for a trivial lawsuit which ended in the US justice system driving him to suicide with their overreach in a case they didn’t truly understand.

User Authentication with Sails.js

Posted on: 2013-10-01 in Javascript,  Node.js

I’m really enjoying the Sails.js framework. I see a lot of potential here for use on ‘real’ work, plus it’s just a really cool idea. I’m going to start building an example application using Sails and the first step is user authentication. I’m going to be building this as an API, so all of the example will simply use GET and POST requests to the REST API that Sails makes so easy for us. Let’s dive in.

Node for fun, Ruby for profit

Posted on: 2013-09-09 in Javascript,  Ruby,  Programming

I really like Javascript. If I had to pick a single language to stick with, it would be the one. Whether my reasons are all practical or not, it’s my favorite. But Ruby is number two for me, and I like it quite a bit as well. However, according to some source, and Atwood’s Law, Javascript is the way to go these days. So naturally I want to work more with node. But is it a good idea to use node in production yet?

Pride vs production - a dilemma

Posted on: 2013-04-17 in Programming

I’ve hit a recurring dilemma several times throughout my journey as a developer. This dilemma involves the choice of tools and technologies I use to create things with. There are choices out there that make the job easier, are more helpful, and they are this way because they hide some of the complexity of what is actually happening from you. I always ask “can I really feel proud of building this if the tool I used did so much of the work for me?”.

Pages.js - A tiny Javascript paginator

Posted on: 2013-04-11 in Javascript

Pagination is a pretty common thing online. However I don’t always like to use a server side solution for pagination when a client side Javascript solution would be much nicer. So I decided to write a small module that allows you to easily set up pagination on a page for a given set of elements with a common class. It’s called pages.js.

Wichita, KS developer community

Posted on: 2013-03-23 in Wichita

For the longest time I have grown as a developer knowing about all these amazing conferences and community events for developers happening all over the world, and to this day I still have no attended a single one. It seemed to me that developers in my area did not organize many community events. That is until recently. Now, the efforts of a few have brought a couple new things to Wichita to contribute to the developer community.

Why aren't you commenting your code?

Posted on: 2013-03-23 in Programming

I don’t have to tell you every reason why commenting code is important. Most of us know already. However, if you’re anything like me, it can be easy to forget about these benefits when you’re in the middle of writing your code. You want to keep the flow moving and stopping to think about how you can explain the logic in plain english can be a roadblock. This post serves as a reminder to myself, and hopefully to others, of the major benefits of commenting.

Back to good old Jekyll

Posted on: 2013-03-16 in Ruby,  Off-Topic

This blog certainly isn’t updated as often as I would like. Even when it is, the posts are minimal, I don’t use a lot of other functionality outside of categories and pagination. Previously this website was running on WordPress but I’ve decided to move away from that for a few reasons. Though primarily I was just tired of WordPress.

Font Awesome - Awesome icons for your awesome website

Posted on: 2012-09-10 in Resources,  Design

I use the word ‘awesome’ pretty excessively, so this project appealed to me right off the bat. Beyond word-choice, though, Font Awesome is an open source icon-font available for use in your websites, and it’s some seriously high quality stuff. I’m using it here on my recent redesign, and with a recent addition of 70 new icons in the latest version, there’s bound to be some awesome icons that are a perfect fit for your project.